PARSEC Labs: Past, Present, Future


Hello ladies and gentlemen!

We will continue to share information about our project to our beloved community so that you can see how far we’ve come, as well as how far we will go in the near future!

Last week we gave a live presentation about PARSEC Labs, its mission, roadmap, and goals. Johann, our Research and Development Circle Lead Link at PARSEC Labs, held an informative presentation and answered few important questions during the Q&A session.

We know how informative and important these presentation and Q&A sessions are, so we will do our best to hold similar live sessions regularly. Stay tuned, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow announcements on our social media. Also, if you happened to miss any live stream, don’t worry; we have a full video recap for you!


  • 00:45 - Introduction & Mission
  • 01:45 - Breakdown (Past, Present, Future)
  • 01:55 - Why a public Plasma chain?
  • 04:27 - Glossary explained
  • 08:10 - Block, Period, Epoch & Slot
  • 09:19 - What we are currently working on
  • 12:10 - Taco Rewards
  • 15:35 - How to begin validating
  • 17:10 - Slot logic
  • 18:32 - Our organization model
  • 21:00 - Q&A session

We would love to collect any questions you may have in advance, so don’t hesitate to send a message on our Telegram channel.

If you missed our June-July development update blog post check it out here.

Also, we have recently released the first Alpha version of our Plasma node. In addition, we have built a prototype application, which communicates with the Plasma node so that everyone can test our chain. Check it out here - Project Alice.

If you are interested and/or want to contribute, join us on slack: