Scalable blockchain
for gaming & entertainment

We enable on-chain scalability with the public PARSEC Chain.
Bases on Plasma and PoS. Secured by Ethereum network.

Unified Ecosystem

Build and scale your games and dapps using PARSEC Labs blockchain solutions

Scaling Ethereum

Run instance, cheap and secure transactions on PARSEC Chain

Proof of stake validation

Become a validator for our Plasma chain and use your stake to receive the rewards

Our Mission

PARSEC Labs - is an open community and also a distributed team that is using holacracy as self-management practice and taconomy as a specific reward model.

Our mission is to bring fairness and transparency to the gaming and entertainment industry. We enable on-chain scalability for game execution to open and unite virtual worlds.

Parsec Chain

Based on Plasma and Proof of Stake. Secured by Ethereum.

PARSEC Chain (also known as PARSEC Plasma Chain) - is fast and secure Blockchain primarily created for gaming and entertainment industries, but can be used in other industries and markets as well. Our chain is based on Plasma framework, Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and is secured by Ethereum network.

PARSEC Chain has three main goals. The first goal is to connect gaming and entertainment worlds with the world of blockchain. Basically, we see our Plasma Chain as a bridge. The second goal is to enable on-chain scalability for existing and upcoming games and dapps - we want to help good projects to scale without any problems. And the third goal is to give developers and users a blockchain where they can run fast, cheap and secure transactions. The autonomous trading apps behave in a similar way that the gaming apps do. Bitcoin trading is widely made autonomous through trading bots. Visit for infomration about automated trading apps.

Plasma achitecture

How Plasma Works

PARSEC Chain has its own token, PSC (stands for PARSEC). PSC is used for staking and it also pays the transaction fees on the Plasma chain and reward validators for validating (proposing new blocks). More info about PSC you can find in our FAQ section.


Project Alice

Small showcase of PARSEC Chain capabilities. It's main purpose is to show you how transactions are working in our Plasma chain. Multiple tokens support available.

visit project Alice


The first decentralized poker platform live on the Ethereum blockchain and also a world's first real-time decentralized application.

visit acebusters

Our Roadmap

2016 Q4


Working alongside the designer team implementing the designs, also developing custom solutions to address team necessities.

2017 Q2

Launch of Acebusters DApp

The launch of the Acebusters Dapp (Decentralized Application) on testnet. 10,000 hands have been played.


Acebusters on Ethereum Mainnet

World first real time Acebusters game dapp was launched of ethereum mainnet. We published a yellowpaper for multi-party state channel.


Blockchains' issues with scalability

Load of Ethereum main-net increased. The team pivoted to providing a scalable solution. That's how PARSEC Labs was born.

2018 Q1

PARSEC's arrival on earth

Completion of the PARSEC whitepaper. Application for ETH Scaling Grant to build scalable solution based on Plasma whitepaper. First advisors and private investors join the team.


Let's scale

Launch of fully scalable PARSEC testnet. PARSEC tokens issued.


Production Network

Launch of fully scalable PARSEC production network.


API Launch

Build an API's and PARSEC developers community. First project starts using our technologies.


Meet the team

Johann Barbie

Johann Barbie

Smart Contract Engineer

Alex Lunyov

Alex Lunyov

Platform Engineer

Victor Meteleshko


Kosta Korenkov

Konstantin Korenkov

Backend Developer

Sergey Stryukov

Engineer, UI/UX