Scaling Ethereum
on Layer-2

We enable Decentralized Apps to leap onto Plasma.

Ease of Migration

Build your Dapps for Plasma using known languages and tools.

Secure Scaling

Run at x000 tx/s while being secured by full Ethereum PoW.

Proof of stake

Become a validator for Plasma and earn block rewards.

Our Mission

At Parsec Labs we are building a distributed organization using holacracy for self-management. We operate as an open community rewarding contribution using taconomy and bounties.

We develop Plasma Leap, a scaling technology to deliver Ethereum scalability as global public utility.


Project Alice

Small showcase of PARSEC Chain capabilities. It's main purpose is to show you how transactions are working in our Plasma chain. Multiple tokens support available.

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The first decentralized poker platform live on the Ethereum blockchain and also a world's first real-time decentralized application.

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